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Scan Our Soldiers     |      est. 2019

The Bridge created Protect the Brain Campaign to advance the field of brain health through education and awareness of EEG brain scans to complement brain health, brain wellness, and mental health management practices. Recognizing the importance of preventative health, early and routine brain scans can provide a personalized health history that leads to a better understanding of brain health necessary for healthy living. Objective data is paramount to our mission and protecting the brains is our goal.



This year, 7,300 veterans or active-duty military servicemen will take their own lives.  The reality is there is no current object brain data gathered on Military personnel. Help is given to soldiers diagnosed with PTSD based on self-reporting symptoms but many veterans are losing hope of healing.


Measuring the brain's performance of a veteran will provide medical information that can help the medical community to identify anxiety/depression that in some cases can lead to suicide. Obtaining brain data to better understand PTSD among our military personnel is paramount for their personal health and well-being.


  • Gather brain data on veterans and active duty across all branches of the military.

  • Analyze the data with machine learning.

  • Provide soldiers diagnosed with PTSD with a variety of resources to help them with recovery.

  • Measure pre and post-rehab protocols to see what is effective in helping the brain heal.

  • Present the data to the task force being put together for the executive order.

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